Ehud Goldwasser

Ehud (Udi) Goldwasser (almost 31 at the time of his abduction) was born in Nahariya on July 18, 1975, the son of Miki and Shlomo and elder brother of Yair (28) and Gadi (25). He married Karnit 10 months before his abduction.

Udi was a graduate of the science class in the Amal Comprehensive High School in Nahariya. He served in the combat battalion Zabar Givati. After his military service he toured Australia alone on a motorcycle for half a year. Later, he completed his preparatory studies in the Technion and went on to study environmental engineering.

Friends describe Ehud Golwasser:

Udi was a kind and much loved person. He was considerate of other people’s opinions even if they oppose his own. It was fun being in his company. He was a loving and caring person, always ready to offer a helping hand in any situation. He was a man of principles and values, knowledgeable in many subjects. He loved movies, music and spending time with his friends. A motorcycle buff, he had an encyclopedic knowledge of all models. As a child he sailed the seas with his father, and shortly before his abduction had received his skipper license to sail yachts and was planning to sail abroad.

Conservation of the environment was of the utmost importance to Udi. He joined a Green group to help clean Israel's nature reserves. Udi loved animals, and although he suffered from a mild fur allergy, he lived with two cats and lovingly adopted an abandoned and injured dog he found in the street. Over the last few years he had developed a great interest in photography, and spent much of his spare time taking pictures of scenery and nature in Israel and abroad. His hobby had become a profession, and he began to take on projects as a photographer.

On July 12, 2006 Udi was abducted to Lebanon after Hizbullah attacked his military patrol.

Ehud Goldwasser was posthumously promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. First Sergeant Ehud Goldwasser, from Nahariya, was buried on Thursday, July 17, 2008, at the Nahariya Military Cemetery.

ביולי 2006. תשע ושלוש דקות והזמן עצר מלכת. בבוקר ה-12 ביולי 2006, בנקודה 105 שבגבול הצפון, התחיל המסע עבור שנינו. אתה ואני, אנחנו, המשפחה ואתה; כולנו, המדינה ואתה. טוש אהובי, אומרים שהזמן עושה את שלו, מרפא ומגליד פצעים. האמנם? חלפו שנתיים מאז אותו רגע משתק ומקפיא, שבאבחת סכין אחת חתך את עורק חיינו המשותפים. אותו רגע שבו הגרוע מכל הפך למציאות מאיימת, דורסנית, מציאות חדשה ומפחידה שאילצה אותי ואת כולנו לשנס מותניים ולצלול לתוך עולם אפל וסבוך, שלא הכרנו עד לאותו היום.

סלח לי, אישי היקר, על כך שאין אני מונה כאן את מעלותיך הרבות. את אישיותך ויופייך הפנימי הכה נדירים, שהיו כנר לרגליי וליוו אותי בכל צעד ושעל במאבק להשבתכם. אין זה הזמן והמקום לעשות זאת. ברשותך, אהובי, את הפרידה הכואבת והאישית אעשה בדרכי שלי ובזמן הנכון.

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