Kamar Abu Hamed

Kamar Abu Hamed, an eighth grade student at Haifa's Municipal "E" High School, was on her way home when she was killed in the bombing. According to her uncle Amir Basha, Kamar had been delayed as she left her computer class and missed her regular bus. She was waiting for another bus when the No. 37 exploded beside her. He believes that the Druze belief in reincarnation and predestination will ease the process of loss.

A former police officer, Kamar's uncle described her as a quiet girl, who "loved everyone and did everything to succeed at school." Though struggling financially, the family had invested all they could spare in their children's education.

The Abu Hamed family was well-known in Daliat al-Carmel, a Druze town on the Carmel. Local council head Dr. Ramzi Halabi said, "Kamar means moon; today Daliat has lost its moon." He added, "Her only crime was to have taken her school bag and gone to study in Haifa. I only hope that she will one day be a sacrifice for peace and not for more war."

Kamar Abu Hamed was buried in Daliat al-Carmel. She is survived by her parents, Yusuf and Johar, a brother and sister.