Moran Shushan

Moran Shushan

Moran Shushan z”l

Moran Shushan was on her way to visit a friend and suffered extensive burns and serious injuries to her lungs, heart and eyes in the explosion. She remained unconscious and succumbed to her wounds six days later.

Moran's twin sister Sivan said at her hospital bedside: "I don't believe that Moran will die. She is resting now, but she is strong and will come back to us." Her mother Rachel, after hearing of the extent of her injuries from the doctors, only hoped that God would take pity on her and end her suffering.

Moran’s family described her as a very sociable girl who loved to dance. Her mother said, "Nobody is perfect but she was almost perfect. She was a wonderful girl with a big heart." Her sister Mira related how Moran's boyfriend would drive her everywhere. On the day of the bombing, he let her take the bus.

Moran Shushan was buried in Haifa.