Using Our Logo

Thank you for your interest in SAFE Washington. To use the SAFE Washington logo on your website, directing first responders and community members to emergency information, use the web graphic below.

If you are interested in using the logo on any printed materials, please use the corresponding print logo beside the web graphic. If you would like a different logo color or style, contact the Jewish Federation for the appropriate files at 206.774.2257.


  1. Select the graphic and right click the logo to download. (On a Mac, press "control" and click.)
  2. Save it to your Images directory on your web server.
  3. Highlight the HTML code underneath the linking option of your choice.
  4. Copy the HTML code.
  5. Publish the revised page to your Web server.

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To use the logo on your website:

<img height="166" hspace="0" src="/Images/SafeWALogo-Web.jpg" width="288" border="0">