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Welcome to our PJ Family! Our goal is to fill your lives with Jewish books and music that are free of charge and sent to your door. The PJ Library is for children ages 6 months to 8 years. PJ Our Way is for children ages 9-11.*

When you sign up for PJ Library (PJ is for pajamas), we'll send you a free, high-quality book or CD each month. Regardless of your level of observance or affiliation, the gift of stories and music is sure to enrich your entire family's Jewish journey.

Book topics include holidays, traditions, family values, Jewish identity and Jewish heroes. The books are carefully selected by top national Jewish educators, with an eye to choosing books that are joyful, highly engaging, and represent the best Jewish children's literature available. Whether you are a parent or grandparent, we have Neighborhood Song and Story times every weekday in neighborhood locations for the whole family to enjoy. Please browse our site for more information by clicking the links below! 

Are your children ages 9-11? Sign them up for PJ Our Way!

Do your kids ages 9 to 11 love to read? Would they enjoy free books every month? Sign them up for PJ Our Way! Participating children get to select the books they want to read. PJ Our Way kids can practice their analytical, comprehension, and writing skills by logging onto the PJ Our Way website to write blog posts, reviews, and interact with other PJ Our Way kids. Click here or on the link below to sign up. 

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