Our Core Work


We create opportunities for engagement and for bringing community together, through focused engagement programs, the PJ Library and scholarships

Proof Points: The PJ Library has been a remarkable success story that creates a pathway to Jewish life for families with children. Currently, 1,700 children receive free Jewish children's literature and music each month, we offer more than 500 Neighborhood Song & Story Times annually, and we have added PJ Our Way to serve children ages 9-11. PAVE Seattle has engaged more than 500 people. For the 2015 season, the Federation awarded 239 need-based camp scholarships.

2016 Impact

PAVE Seattle - Finding connections in your 30s and 40s

  • Engage up to 500 new participants in programs tailored for people in the PAVE age group
  • Provide all interested newcomers with timely, comprehensive information about engagement opportunities
  • Train up to 15 community leaders through our Advanced Leadership Development Program

PJ Library

  • Increased Neighborhood Song & Story Times from 250 to 350 per year, towards a two-year goal of 750 per year.
  • Increase PJ Library enrollment from 1,700 to 2,000, towards a two-year goal of 2,400.
  • Expand PJ Library service area from King and Snohomish Counties to include three additional counties over the next year


Reduce financial barriers to participating in Jewish life by providing scholarships for:

  • Jewish overnight camp
  • Schools
  • Israel and World Jewry experiences

Professional Interest Networking Groups

Offer connection opportunities for Jewish professionals, including:

  • Learning and professional development
  • Social networking
  • Tikkun Olam


We serve as the voice and champion of the community’s human services, civil rights, Israel advocacy and other priorities by building relationships with decision-makers at all levels of government and by maintaining a strong presence in Olympia.

Proof Point: Jewish Federation advocacy has been essential for securing capital grants for Jewish organizations and passing legislation supporting community priorities. In the Washington Legislature’s 2015 session, for example, our advocacy was instrumental in securing full funding of food assistance and increased funding for mental health services.

2016 Impact

  • Work with community members to establish legislative priorities for each session of the Washington State Legislature.
  • Maintain presence in Olympia to advocate on behalf of community priorities to lawmakers and other government decision-makers.
  • Work with officials at all levels of government to advance community priorities in human services, civil rights, Israel advocacy and other areas.

World Jewry

We connect Jewish Puget Sound to Jews worldwide through overseas trips, local visits by camp counselors and other Israeli friends, helping Jewish communities in need and sponsoring community-wide events.

Proof Point: The Jewish Federation is the essential link between Jews locally and around the world. In 2015, for example, we awarded 35 teen Israel experience scholarships, sponsored visits by Israeli camp counselors and gap year youth (shinshinim), and organized the one-of-a-kind Mission to Jewish Cuba, a model for future opportunities to build people-to-people bonds between Jews here and abroad.

2016 Impact

Offer a wide array of opportunities for Puget Sound Jews to engage with Israel and World Jewry. We will:

  • Create opportunities to interact with ambassadors from World Jewry, e.g. Israeli camp counselors, gap year youth (shinshinim), at community events and other settings.
  • Lead up to two international trips to connect local Jews to Jewish communities around the world. The next scheduled trip will be to Morocco.
  • Help Jewish communities in need in Israel and around the world.

Foundation for a Jewish Future

We are building a durable foundation to support Jewish engagement and other core services for generations to come.

Proof Point: The Jewish Federation professionally manages more than $60 million in endowments on behalf of local individuals, families and Jewish organizations, ensuring that philanthropic capacity is available for long-term support of services and programs.

2016 Impact

  • Provide training and other support enabling 10 local Jewish organizations to secure meaningful legacy gifts. The Federation will run the LIFE & LEGACY Program, with support from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, to strengthen legacy giving across the community.
  • Maintain high-quality endowment capabilities providing a full range of philanthropic investment management services to individuals, families and Jewish organizations.