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From the Director’s Desk:

As we look ahead to the 2015-2016 school year, we are building on accomplishments from last year, when we offered 42 professional sessions, including 3 conferences, 2 courses in modern Hebrew, directors’ monthly meetings, and programs that served 251 educators from all day schools, early childhood school and supplementary schools, a total of 30 schools. Those teachers brought back what they have learned to 2,700 students and made a positive impact on families with children involved in Jewish education in our community. 
We are very proud of launching our new website: Jewish Educational Resources.  This website is designed to help Jewish Educators in school settings locate resources for classroom use, find suitable curricula, search for information to aid in their professional development, and broaden and deepen their pedagogical skills.  Please check it out at
For a look back at 2014-2015 highlights, please click here to see the Year In Review Slide Show.

Who we are:

Education Services is a hub for Jewish educators in the Greater Seattle area. We collaborate with and offer programs for educators from Jewish day, supplementary and early childhood schools to ensure that Jewish education in Seattle is always on the cutting edge. Our programs fall under three target areas:

1.     Communities of Practice: Jewish Education Director’s Association and Jewish Early Childhood Education Director’s Association professional groups learn, network and collaborate together to form local communities of practice. Together we have created an innovative environment that conceived the Seattle Jewish Early Childhood Education Fellowship for Leadership and Excellence.  

2.     Professional DevelopmentEducation Services offers learning opportunities for teachers throughout the year to ensure they are engaged and offered myriad opportunities to grow professionally in three designated areas: Pedagogy, Judaic Studies, and Technology in the Classroom. We developed the Jewish Teaching Certification and Honorarium Program for supplementary schools teachers and work with teachers throughout the year offering additional support they might need. 

3.     Emerging Leaders: Education Services is committed to identifying, investing, and cultivating talented educators. Through the Seattle ECE Fellowship for Leadership and Excellence, one-on-one mentorship and coaching in the Jewish day schools, scholarships for educational conferences, and through the annual Grinspoon Award, Education Services ensures that teachers are supported throughout their careers in Jewish education. 

We offer:

Please click here to meet our talented pedagogues who work around the clock to make sure that Jewish education in Seattle is vibrant, dynamic and constantly moving forward. Feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at 206.774.2218.


.שומריה של העיר- מוריה

The real guardians of a city are its teachers. - Talmud