SAFE Washington

SAFE Washington, a Mark Bloome initiative, is a partnership program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and other entities that offers the following services:

  • Provide a robust communications network to the Jewish community via the Northwest Warning Alert and Response Network, Homeland Security Information Network, and the Secure Communities Network. Free of charge, this network is used to alert participating agencies of imminent threats, dangers and response protocol in real time.
  • Develop best practices for disaster response, community security and community preparedness and provide low cost and/or no cost training for community partners through annual training events.
  • Provide increased opportunities and leverage existing federal grant funding of community programs

SAFE Washington is a partnership program by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle,  Secure Community Networks, Setracon Inc., and ADL, Pacific Northwest office.

Do you have an Emergency to report?

  • Call 911
  • Send a message through    Alert @ SAFEWashington .com  if you are able
  • Contact the SAFE Washington 24-hour emergency contact number:

    1-951-4-SAFEWA (1-951-472-3392)

See community alerts and updates on our SAFE Washington website.

Contact Name: 
Andrew Chadick mailto: AndrewC @