Do You Know a Game-Changer?

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
Every morning, the Federation and other Jewish organizations in town open our doors, turn on the lights, and begin another rewarding day of providing vital programs and services to our community. What you see on the front end of service delivery reflects a deep commitment to Jewish values, thoughtful reflection of community needs, and careful organization of people and resources.

Leadership is essential for pulling it all together. The growth of our community over the last century and the corresponding expansion of Jewish organizations to serve community needs have always depended on both volunteer and professional leadership.

Leadership development is critical for Jewish continuity. Fostering the preparation of emerging leaders ensures that the community programs and services that we all value and depend upon will be available in the future. That’s why the Federation places such high value on leadership development. Thanks to support from our generous donors, the Federation provides a suite of leadership education programs that support Jewish organizations today and position them to serve community needs in the future.

Today, I’d like to focus on  our Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP), which is gearing up its 2019-2020 cohort. ALDP is looking for Jewish community game-changers. The program is an exciting opportunity for a diverse group of young adults to explore their own community leadership style and passion and emerge as broader, clearer, more assured, and ultimately, more effective leaders. Applications are open for this powerful experience, which focuses on how Jewish values and tradition guide leadership capability. The program begins in November and runs through April of next year.

ALDP will include twice-monthly sessions, an immersive retreat, and a capstone project supported by one-on-one mentoring by seasoned community leaders. Participants will explore a variety of Jewish perspectives on big leadership questions and expand their leadership network.

The cohort will gain new perspectives and confidence as well as a greater understanding of who they are as community leaders, enabling them to step into new leadership roles with newly discovered energy and passion. You can see ALDP’s impact for yourself by getting to know the 13 young adults who graduated from our 2018-2019 class. These individuals are showing us that their dedication to service and creative energy are going to be an enormous benefit to our community organizations.

While ALDP is tailored for younger adults, the entire community benefits from filling organizational leadership ladders with highly capable, knowledgeable individuals who are ready to serve. It’s all about ensuring Jewish continuity. If you know young adults in your networks who have the potential and motivation to step into community leadership, I encourage you to invite them to apply for the Advanced Leadership Development Program. Giving them that encouragement will do so much for ensuring a bright future for Jewish Puget Sound.