How Will We Remember Pittsburgh?

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
Two years have passed since the terrible tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Two years later, Jewish communities everywhere still feel the shock of the worst antisemitic attack in American history. We grieve for the innocent lives taken from us. We stand with Pittsburgh, with Poway, Jersey City, Monsey, with all the communities that have suffered from acts of hateful violence—now and always.

Since that frightful day two years ago, the world has changed in ways no one could have anticipated. The physical separation made necessary by the pandemic and deep societal divides on issues that touch all our lives have underscored, as never before, the critical need to keep our community strong and to stand together to secure our collective future.

Staying connected to one another and nourishing the relationships that are at the heart of community are meaningful ways we can honor the memory of the friends we lost. Making our community as cohesive as we can is a powerful tool. Greater cohesion can help us combat antisemitism, educate to reduce bigotry and racism, and dampen the divisiveness that seeds hatred.

Since the pandemic upended our world, we have heard many times that we are all in this together. Those are good words, as timely as they are uplifting. Living out the timeless Jewish values that we must not stand idly by and that we are all responsible for one another will require all of us to put those good words into action to repair our world. Our deeds founded on our values will light candles for Pittsburgh every day for years to come.

We invite you to join the Pittsburgh community in an online commemorative gathering, to remember the friends we lost and to send our love to the families, first responders, and the Tree of Life congregations. The gathering will take place on Tuesday at 4 pm, Pacific time. We hope you can be there.