How You Can Do a World of Good

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO 

GiveBIG will be here soon, beginning on May 5, just four days from now.

GiveBIG is that special day every year when the spotlight shines on people helping people, when each and every one of us has a focused opportunity to give back and change lives. GiveBIG is a day for turning our Jewish values into Jewish actions, to build a stronger community for all and create a better world for all. And in this moment of social distancing, virtual learning, and teleworking, we are all looking forward to stepping out and stepping back into the vibrant Jewish life we have here at the appropriate time.

When I look back over the past 10 years, I have so much gratitude for what your generous support of your Federation has made possible … so many children experienced the life-changing memories of Jewish overnight camp, so much good accomplished through Federation’s endowment, community security, and legislative advocacy programs. There is so much more that together, we can do for the community in the next 10 years and beyond. That’s why GiveBIG is so important, now more than ever. We can’t pause our investment in Jewish life and hope it will exist when we pick it back up. It’s our collective responsibility to nurture it continuously, especially now during this crisis.

GiveBIG is for everyone. Any gift made to the Federation through GiveBIG, no matter the amount, is a big gift because it comes from YOU, a reflection of the energy that YOU bring to supporting Jewish life and the love YOU have for our vibrant community – what we’re experiencing virtually now and will be enjoying in person again when the time is right.

What does GiveBIG mean for you? It means whatever calls to your heart about supporting Jewish life through Federation.

If giving children a low-barrier window into the beauty of Judaism through PJ Library brings you joy, GiveBig is for you.

If lending a helping hand to vulnerable Jews in Israel and around the world is your cause, GiveBIG is for you.

If raising our collective voice in our state and national capitals to fight antisemitism and bring more justice to our world fires you up, GiveBIG is for you.

If ensuring the continuity of Jewish life is your enduring passion, GiveBIG is for you.

Whatever you do for the Jewish community, whatever light you bring to our world, GiveBIG is for you.

This year, GiveBIG is taking place over two days, May 5 and 6. That’s by design. Because never in a long time has the need been greater. Never in a long time has it been more important to support the organizations that serve our community and keep Jewish life strong … for now and for the time, we hope soon, when the current crisis is behind us and we can share each other’s company again in person.

On this two-day GiveBIG, take that step for Jewish life. Make a gift to your Federation. Our Jewish future is in our hands. Thank you, for all that you do for the community that we all love.

Be well.