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What is the PJ Library’s story?

PJ Library gives families with young children a welcoming entry point into Jewish life. Every month, PJ sends free, award-winning books celebrating Jewish values and culture to families with children ages 6 months to 8 years.
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Can older kids receive books?

Sure! Children ages 9 – 11 can sign up for PJ Our Way and choose their own free chapter books.

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Neighborhood Song & Story

Neighborhood Song & Story Times are fun, free gatherings where kids and parents enjoy singing, activities, and storytelling. Always open to all, Neighborhood Song & Story Times are a great way to connect with Jewish life. Click here to find a Neighborhood Song & Story Time near you.

A PJ Family’s Story

“My son and I have LOVED the books we’ve received. The art and stories are lovely and oh-so-human! We’re Sephardim and I was worried that the books would be ‘too Ashkenazi’ in their perspective. But they’re not. They’re universal. The important contribution they make to our lives lies in their ability to stimulate conversation between my son and I about being Jews, being human, being observers, being in the world with others. What an amazing gift! So, thank you. Thank you!”
A local PJ parent

Want to share your family’s PJ story? Contact Claire Baskett, claireb@jewishinseattle.org, or 206.774.2259.

Our Impact


PJ Library and PJ Our Way books have been sent to local children since program inception, through July 2018.