Strengthening Ties With Israel and Overseas Jewish Communities

Because of the Federation, Jews in the Puget Sound region have many opportunities to make personally meaningful connections to Israel.

One way the Federation strengthens ties with Israel is by organizing programs that foster greater understanding of Israel and celebrate Israel’s culture, heritage, and achievements.

Under Federation leadership, Jewish organizations collaborate every year to hold an Israel-themed community festival featuring observances of Yom Ha’Shoah (Israel Holocaust Remembrance Day), Yom Ha’zikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day), and Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day). This year’s festival, #NWIsraelFest, was held from April 22 – May 7, 2017.

By joining together with Jewish organizations who host Israel-themed programs, the Federation is strengthening ties between Jewish Puget Sound and Israel. (To learn more about the Federation’s Israel event sponsorship policy, click here.)

Overseas Trips
The Federation offers opportunities to travel on life-changing trips to engage with Jewish communities in Israel and overseas, enabling participants to experience Jewish life in diverse ways and to make new friends and community connections. The trips build a greater sense of mishpacha that makes the Puget Sound region an authentic part of World Jewry.

There are many exciting opportunities to travel to Israel with the Jewish community or the Jewish Federations of North America. Examples are listed below:

A Jewish Journey to Eastern Europe (Poland,Krakow, Budapest) – May  8-16, 2017. Optional extension to Berlin, May 16-19, 2017.
Congregation Beth Israel Trip to IsraelJune 24-July 24, 2017
Sephardic Birthright Israel Trip: A Partnership Between the Sephardic Communities of New York, Miami and SeattleAugust 7-17, 2017 (free for eligible individuals ages 18-26 who have not yet been on a Birthright Israel trip.)

Israel Advocacy
Another way the Federation strengthens ties with Israel is through advocacy – partnering with Jewish and non-Jewish allies to fight virulent anti-Zionism, presenting the Jewish community consensus on Israel in Olympia, and serving as the Puget Sound region’s liaison with the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco.

To learn more, contact:

Taryn Goodman-Omran
Phone: 206.774.2217


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