L’Shanah Tovah: Wishing All a Sweet & Healthy New Year

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
When the sun dips below the rugged peaks of the Olympic Mountains this evening, Rosh Hashanah will arrive, and we will enter the new year of 5783.

The “head of the year” is a time to think deeply about the year that has closed, make amends where appropriate, and celebrate renewal of hope and purpose for the coming year. There’s a good reason why Rosh Hashanah takes place in the month of Tishrei—it’s the seventh month, the Sabbath of the year. In our busy lives and hurry-up culture, taking time to ease back on the accelerator and reflect is as necessary as breathing.

That goes for us as individuals and collectively, in the places and institutions where we gather for work and for our communal lives. I want to thank all of you, our generous donors, for supporting our shared work of keeping Jewish life vibrant today and for those who will follow us.

What brought home for me your commitment this past year, was how so many of you contributed when our community came together for Ukraine. It’s what we do and have always done for mishpacha when we hear the call for help.

Each of you who stepped up for Ukraine showed leadership. Leadership is the secret sauce for a secure Jewish future. Through the Federation leadership programs that your support makes possible, an inspiring array of talented people in our community are gaining skills and building relationships that are foundational for effective leadership. Whatever the future holds, Jewish Puget Sound will be in good hands.

In 5783, you’ll hear more about leadership development and the other Federation programs that meet our contemporary challenges and position us for brighter days ahead. Such as nurturing our ties with Israel and the overseas Jewish world. Fighting antisemitism. Opening wide the doors to Jewish life. All on a foundation of timeless Jewish values: Collaboration. Integrity. Respect. Innovation. Community.

Thank you for everything you do. For securing our Jewish tomorrows, we’re in this together. From all of us at your Federation, we wish you and your loved ones a sweet new year.