Make a Big Difference for Our Community

By Nancy B. Greer

President & CEO
One of the values that guides our work at your Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is “kehilla/areivut,” which means community/mutual responsibility.

Areivut, an ethic that is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, speaks to our interconnectedness to each other and the mutual responsibility each of us has for members of our community. Through areivut, we contribute to the well-being of the Jewish people, locally and globally.

It’s something to think about for GiveBIG 2022, which begins May 3, two days from today.*

GiveBIG is that special time every year when the people of our region focus on giving back to the community that we love. To me, GiveBIG is not about the size of a gift—it’s about how we come together to make a collective impact on Jewish life. It’s about the difference that your gift to Federation, of whatever size, can make for Jewish life, here and in the broader Jewish world, immediately and years from now. Each gift creates a ripple that touches many lives because of areivut, that interconnectedness.

We’ve seen clearly over the last two months the impact that is possible when each of us steps up and gives what we can to something bigger than ourselves. By coalescing to help our embattled mishpacha in Ukraine, we are demonstrating the immense power of people who care. Ukraine is an extraordinary situation, but most certainly not a one-off in our ability to come together for the greater good. 

One by one, each individual’s commitment to community adds up. At many scales, from neighborhood to region to global, we do so much good, every day of the year, in keeping the flame of Jewish life brightly lit and living out our values to make the world a better place. Participating in GiveBIG is a concrete way to demonstrate the power of areivut and enable your Federation to continue providing critical community services, keeping us connected to Israel and World Jewry, and making investments in Jewish life.  

On GiveBIG 2022, take that important step by making a gift to your Federation. Every GiveBIG gift counts and helps us do so much of our important work locally and around the world. One action can make a large difference in the lives of many people. All of us have a stake in our community’s future and all of us can touch the lives of many people, today and tomorrow.

* GiveBIG 2022 is taking place May 3-4, and the Federation will actively participate on May 3 only, as May 4 is Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s day of remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.