By Nancy B. Greer

President &CEO
Every seven days, we pause for Shabbat. It’s a day when we put aside our daily labors to rest and make room in our lives for reflection and rejuvenation. The wisdom of the sabbath tradition is unquestionable: We return to our busy lives with more energy and renewed purpose. The upshot is a fuller, happier family life and replenished capacity to serve, in the workplace and for the broader community.

There are times in life when it makes sense, for an individual and the people they serve, to take the sabbath tradition a step further and go on an extended break from the day-to-day. Today, I’m sharing with you that I’ll be taking a two-month sabbatical from July 16 until my return to the Federation on September 12. In December, I will take another, month-long sabbatical before returning in January 2023.

Thank you to Federation’s Board of Directors for recognizing the value of this sabbatical and making it possible. I’m confident that the Federation will continue serving the community well during these periods. All of our experiences and services are in the good hands of my dedicated, amazing colleagues. 

Enjoy the summer and see you in the fall!