Let’s Get the Word Out! Grants for Small Jewish Agencies

By Nancy B. Greer

President & CEO
I hope this message finds you well, having finished the leftovers from Thanksgiving. 

One of the many things we have to be thankful for is the diversity of Jewish organizations in our region that bring value to our community in different ways, no matter what niche they fill and no matter their size.

And to support the smaller Jewish organizations that do important work every day changing lives and making our community stronger, your Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has opened 2021 applications for our annual Small Agency Sustainability Grants. From giving Jewish students living far from home a welcoming place to celebrate Shabbat to keeping the diverse lights of Jewish traditions burning brightly, smaller Jewish agencies provide bedrock services that enrich our community and add spark to Jewish life. You can see the organizations that received Small Agency Sustainability Grants in 2020 and previous years here.

Small Agency Sustainability Grants provide up to $5,000 in unrestricted funds to organizations with annual operating budgets of $150,000 or less. Especially at a time like this, these grants are an extra layer of security for congregations and agencies that do vital work of making our community a vibrant center of Jewish life. We encourage all eligible organizations to send us completed applications by the deadline of Monday, December 21, at 3 pm.

Given the challenges that have been with us for months and the unknowns in our future, supporting smaller Jewish agencies is more important than ever. Small Agency Sustainability Grants translate into impact that touches lives—learning opportunities for Jewish teens, welcoming gatherings for Jewish families, more ways to experience the beauty of Jewish culture.

Small Agency Sustainability Grants are possible because of the generosity of our donors who are helping to secure a strong Jewish future. Funding for the grants comes in part from the Federation’s Special Initiatives Fund, an endowment that generates revenues, year in and year out, and serves as a rock of stability during both normal and uncertain times.

Awarding Small Agency Sustainability Grants is all part of ensuring Jewish continuity and keeping Jewish life vibrant and thriving for today and tomorrow. Smaller Jewish agencies, like their larger cousins, are here for you. Help us help them. If you know of eligible organizations, please let them know about Small Agency Sustainability Grants and encourage them to apply. Thank you!