Our Shared Values Will Take Us Far in 5783

By Nancy B. Greer

President & CEO
What does the future hold for our community as we begin 5783? No one can say for sure, but as we approach the solemnity of Yom Kippur, we are reminded that in our tradition, we take collective responsibility for our actions. The impacts of our words and deeds ripple out. The intentions we set for the future during the High Holidays have power, touching the lives of people we may never meet and strengthening Jewish life in far-reaching ways.

In that spirit, your Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle will be here for Jewish Puget Sound in 5783—ensuring Jewish continuity with foundational guidance from our values of Collaboration, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Community and with humble gratitude for your generous support.

Here at home, your Federation is dedicated to building and strengthening relationships that are the heart of a strong community. Seeding micro-communities, providing learning opportunities, and supporting immersive Jewish experiences. Bringing diverse organizations together to speak with one voice on antisemitism and many other critical issues. Ensuring a vibrant future through community security, leadership development, and stewarding endowments.

As we’ve done since our founding in 1928, your Federation builds strong connections with the broader Jewish world in Israel and overseas Jewish communities, and we will build them together. As we have done in coming to the aid of our mishpacha in Ukraine. As we are doing now to help Jewish communities in Florida suffering from the catastrophic damage wrought by Hurricane Ian.

The past two years have brought many challenges, but time and again, our community has stepped up to meet them, embodying the timeless ethic of Hineni (Here I am!). Whatever 5783 brings, your Federation will be here. Whatever we do for Jewish life, we will achieve more by working together.