What a Difference a Day Makes

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
A question that we often hear in the workplace on Fridays is, “what are your plans for the weekend?”

I’d like to share with you the plans I have for the weekend. I’ll be at Hillel at the UW on Sunday to watch 30 smart and dedicated high-school students gain precious knowledge and a deeper connection with our Jewish homeland at the concluding morning of our Teen Israel Leadership Institute (TILI). Then, I’m heading right over to The Summit to watch 13 smart and dedicated young adults—our community’s future leaders—graduate from our Advanced Leadership Development Program.

I wouldn’t miss either of those events for anything. Sunday will be one of those special days that fills me with hope and leaves me inspired. It will be a day when I see our work to ensure Jewish continuity—work that YOU support because YOU care so much about investing in our future—come to gratifying fruition in a vivid and fulfilling way.

On Sunday morning, when I see the enthusiastic, excited faces of young people who have invested their time and energy in fostering Jewish life, it will be a powerful reminder that by working together and standing together in these challenging times, we can keep the light of Jewish life burning brightly for today and tomorrow.

I’ll be thinking about those young people and the future they represent when I’m back in the office on Monday morning. I ask you to think about them too and about the future for our community that you can help build when GiveBIG arrives on Wednesday, May 8Your gift to the Federation will be a building block for the Jewish future that we’re creating together.