Where Can You Travel for $890?

What if you could take part in a 10-day, eye-opening trip to Germany that would give you the inside story on the country’s past and shed new light on its present?


A journey that would transform your perspectives about Jews and Germany?


An experience that would connect you to new friends in Seattle while adventuring in Europe?


You can. And all for just $89 a day.


As part of our work to provide immersive, life-changing Jewish experiences, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is taking applications for Germany Close Up. The Federation will take a cohort of Jewish young adults from our region, ages 29-39, to Germany from September 1 – 10, 2019.


Germany Close Up will be an intellectually rich and challenging adventure. Trip-goers will encounter and reflect on Germany’s past. Explore modern Germany’s vibrant society. Sample Germany’s avant-garde culture, taste Germany’s world-famous beers, and discover the country’s hearty, richly varied cuisine. Meet and learn from young Germans at the center of rebuilding the country’s Jewish life. Create community on a journey centered on remembrance and Jewish identity.


The connections that Germany Close Up participants will make during this extraordinary experience will not end when the trip ends. Federation is planning follow-up activities that will enable trip-goers to continue their journey when they return home.


The cost is only $890 per person. That covers air travel, hotels, and most meals. By keeping costs low, Federation lowers barriers and makes this opportunity more accessible. We can invest in amazing programs like Germany Close Up, thanks to our generous donors who support our work to build community. Travel abroad, meet new friends, experience a country in a different way —  what could be better?


Germany Close Up will educate, inspire, and foster Jewish connections. Join us!