Who Are Your Future Leaders?

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
When you look around at so many of the impactful services and activities that are the lively substance of Jewish communal life in our region, a common denominator is that smart, deeply knowledgeable, effective leadership turned them from good ideas into exciting reality.

Preparing leaders to step into responsible positions is critical for ensuring Jewish continuity. To that end, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle supports a suite of leadership development programs. One is the Wexner Heritage Program, which we bring to the community through the generous support of our donors, in partnership with the Samis Foundation. This summer, we’re pleased to announce, the third Seattle cohort of 20 leaders will begin their two-year journey in this transformational Jewish learning program. The cohort can look forward to an immersive experience that will equip them to realize their highest leadership potential.

Community members who are selected for Wexner have strong potential for expanding their vision, taking on senior roles in Jewish organizations, and cultivating the peer relationships that are crucial for exercising insightful leadership.

Wexner is a rigorous program that takes cohort participants into a deep exploration of Jewish history, values, traditions, and contemporary community issues. Ensuring Jewish continuity is wired into the design of the Wexner experience. As Jack Almo, a past Wexner cohort participant, shared with us, “By studying our heritage and history, we are given the background and context through which to address modern-day challenges.”

Strong leadership that moves a community forward is never a one-person show and requires deep relationships, which is why Wexner’s cohort model is so effective. As Almo shared of his Wexner peers, “my classmates taught me that our community is interdependent, and through diversity of thought, backgrounds, and vision, we can be stronger together.”

In addition to Wexner, your Federation’s strategy around leadership development is comprehensive. It includes our Advanced Leadership Development Program, a mentorship experience with our community’s seasoned leaders, and the Seattle NowGen Giving Circle, a philanthropic initiative that develops young-adult Jewish leaders.

Each of the 20 individuals in our 2019 Wexner cohort can look forward to a life-changing experience. We are proud of and excited for them as they embark on the Wexner journey of learning, leadership, and transformation. We look forward to their accomplishing wonderful things for our community in the years ahead.