Why I Am Grateful for Community

By Nancy B. Greer

President & CEO
A few days ago, we finally had a break in the rainy deluge we’ve experienced lately. When the sun chased away the clouds, it reminded me why I love Thanksgiving. The season brings gentle afternoon light, a final flash of brilliant fall colors, the aroma of good food, and most of all, family and friends gathered around the table to break bread together and make good memories in the spirit of gratitude.

Answers to the question, “What are you thankful for?” always will be unique for every individual. Yet there are also common themes in those answers because we are embedded in community and because Jewish life, by its nature, is experienced with others and for others.

That’s why I’m so grateful for how well and creatively our community has met the challenges of the past 20 or so months. There has been more creativity in helping people connect to Jewish life under circumstances no one anticipated. More collaboration between Jewish organizations with varying missions but the same overarching imperative of serving Jewish Puget Sound. More intentionality in strengthening the relationships that are at the heart of a strong community like ours.

I’m grateful, moreover, for generous donors like you who have placed your trust in Federation to help build a vibrant present and future for Jewish life. The work is ongoing and evolving to meet our changing needs.

And regarding our community’s needs: GivingTuesday will be here soon after Thanksgiving. It is a day for acting purposefully about touching lives, and you are the spark for our community! I invite you to join us in building brighter Jewish tomorrows by making a gift to your Federation on GivingTuesday.

I’m looking forward to working with volunteers and my colleagues on the impactful work that your generosity makes possible. The Courageous Leadership Initiative 2.0— leaders learning together and generating ideas for our shared Jewish future. The JCRC—a broad-based forum for fostering civil discourse and helping Jewish Puget Sound speak on major issues with a united voice. PJ Library®, camp and teen Israel scholarships, Reset & Refresh—helping families along their Jewish journeys in ways that meet them where they are. The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Seattle—helping families like yours deepen the impact of your philanthropic choices.

Your generosity. Your impact. Thank you for taking part in GivingTuesday and for everything you do for the community. My Federation colleagues and I wish you and your loved ones an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving.