Why Should You Care About June 30?

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
I want to start by thanking you for helping accomplish something tremendous and inspiring. On four consecutive evenings last month, scores of community members met in congregations for nearly five hours at trainings organized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. They came to learn the essentials of community security and what they could do to keep Jewish Puget Sound safe.

Attending these gatherings was hard, serious work. Organizing them was a tremendous commitment of time and resources. Was it worth it? Yes! When we talk about ensuring Jewish continuity, holding those Community-Wide Safety Trainings is a concrete example of how the Federation saw a need in the community and took immediate action for you.

You made that impact. Your generosity enabled the Federation to provide a critical service to our community in these challenging times. Today, as we quickly approach the end of our fiscal year, I ask you to renew your generous support by June 30 so that we can build on these and other accomplishments that we’ve made together. We cannot do it without YOU!

Ensuring Jewish continuity doesn’t stop at security — and neither does Federation work. There is nothing comparable to an immersive Israel experience, in the company of your peers, for making an enduring connection to our Jewish homeland and solidifying your Jewish identity. This spring, the Federation, in partnership with Honeymoon Israel, sent 20 committed young couples on a 10-day trip to Israel, the best place in the world to discover for themselves what living Jewishly means.

The trip was just the beginning of a journey. The couples came home with heartening stories of newly kindled connections and a greater sense of belonging that will help build Jewish community and enliven Jewish life from the ground up.

You made that impact, too. Your caring commitment enables the Federation to build new pathways to experiencing Jewish life that fit the needs and passions of our growing and diverse community. Your ongoing investment in Jewish life is vital. Your gift will change people’s lives.

There are so many ways that you are the spark of Jewish life through your support of Federation. Your gift is what makes “wouldn’t it be nice” ideas become “look at what we did together!” accomplishments that are helping Jewish Puget Sound go from strength to strength, for today and for all who will follow us. There is so much more to be done and you can make it happen.

Make a difference. Touch people’s lives. Please renew your support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle today.