You Nurture Jewish Agencies, Large and Small

By Nancy B. Greer
President & CEO
Every spring, your Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle awards grants to small organizations weaving threads strengthening the beautiful tapestry of our community.

In any year, the Small Agency Sustainability (SAS) grants are a welcome source of additional support for Jewish congregations and agencies providing essential services with limited budgets. This year, as our community faces the most challenging set of circumstances in generations, giving a helping hand to small organizations that make a big difference for so many people is more critical than ever. Consequently, we made it a priority this year to fully fund every applicant who met the grant requirements. Thanks to the generosity of some incredible donors, this goal became a reality. You can see the grant recipients here, both this year and those in previous years.

Helping out small Jewish organizations with unrestricted grants is one of the ways that your Federation is working to ensure the vibrancy of our Greater Seattle Jewish community, today and tomorrow. In many cases, small agencies meet new needs and reach new constituencies. Your Federation is committed to providing operating support for these agencies as they continue to grow and scale. Our grant recipients are vibrant examples of our community’s amazing diversity, and they vividly illustrate how much Jewish life has to offer.

SAS grants illustrate the value of foresight. Funds supporting SAS grants come from the Special Initiatives Fund, an endowment that is a gift that keeps on giving. The ripple effect of support touches every individual who received a helping hand from the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Washington, every concert-goer captivated by the Seattle Jewish Chorale’s music, and every person who made a life-changing discovery about their heritage through the Seattle Sephardic Network. These are just a few examples of how organizations that have received Small Agency Sustainability grants have and will continue to change lives and add vigor to community life.

In these unprecedented times,we don’t know what the future holds. What we do know is that the Jewish organizations, big and small, that keep Jewish life pulsing with energy must be nurtured and supported—especially now, when needs are greater and in the future, when a semblance of normality has returned to our lives. Thanks to your generosity to the Jewish Federation, we will continue to invest directly in serving the needs of our Jewish community.

Thank you for all you do. Be well,