You’re Invited: Jewish Influences, Life, & Legacy of Justice Ginsburg

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO The nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court can reshape our society in sweeping and long-lasting ways. Of the 115 people who have served on the nation’s highest court since its establishment, several stand out for the enduring impact they have made on America. One of those justices […]

Commemorating Pittsburgh

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO I remember exactly where I was and how I felt when I heard the terrible news from Pittsburgh on that Shabbat morning three years ago—the numbing sense of shock, immense grief for the 11 lives lost and the six people wounded, horror that malevolent acts targeting Jewish communities […]

We Are Resilient, We Are Strong

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO We’ve seen the numbers showing a sharp increase in hatred directed at Jews. We’ve been shocked at the frightening images on the news and the vile postings on social media. We’ve been deeply saddened to hear friends and relatives say they are afraid to go out in public […]

What Texas Has Taught Us About Community

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO The power of relationships and how they do so much to strengthen our Jewish community came home vividly this week. Over the past few years, I have been meeting regularly with my peer CEOs around North America who lead what we call large, intermediate Jewish federations. We call […]

Your Voice, Our Collective Future

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO Today, the Washington State Legislature will come to order for its 2021 session. Even before this week it was expected to be a session like no other—with our elected representatives carrying out their vital work almost completely virtually due to the pandemic. But the challenges will be greater […]

Get Ready to Vote!

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO Washington State ballots will be arriving any day now. Voting is the single most important way that we can make our voices heard, influence the direction of our government, and hold elected decision-makers to account. We encourage every registered voter to complete your ballot and return it by […]

Remembering Pittsburgh One Year Later

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO Nearly a year has passed since October 27, 2018, that Shabbat morning none of us will ever forget, that shattering day when 11 innocent people lost their lives in the horrific attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the worst antisemitic attack in American history. In […]

How Can You Make Your Voice Heard Today?

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO It’s impossible to grasp and even more difficult to articulate how the tragedies over this past weekend have affected our community. In my last CEO letter, the memory of the horrific shooting at the Federation 13 years ago was top of mind and heart. Can we ever really heal? […]

The Impact of July 28

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO On July 28,  a number of measures strengthening our state’s gun violence prevention laws took effect. These policies will help protect our community. There could not have been a more fitting day for that to happen. July 28 was the 13th anniversary of the shooting in our Federation […]

Thank You For Everything You Do

By Nancy B. Greer President & CEO This year, Thanksgiving Day is coming as early in the year as the calendar permits. The holiday’s early arrival on November 22 is happenstance but the timing is fortuitous. Given the gravity of the events that the Jewish community and the broader society have experienced collectively over the […]