Marketing, Co-Hosting/Partnering, Co-Sponsorship, and Granting Guidance

Consistent with our mission, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle’s core values include an enduring commitment to a secure Jewish community here and abroad, to the strong democratic Jewish State of Israel, and to mutual respect and diversity within Jewish life. The Federation and our community are well-served by fostering diverse expressions throughout our cultural, educational, religious, social service, and community relations institutions, and by promoting a strong commitment to cohesiveness and civil discourse.

The Federation will Co-Host/Partner on events with community co-sponsors, but only if the Federation’s and Co-Host/Partner’s lists of Jewish community co-sponsors are aligned.

Key Definitions

1. Marketing – Federation may market events in the following ways: 

  • On our Jewish Community Calendar;
  • In our Monday evening community events e-news, other community-wide emailings, as well as smaller, subject-specific emails or newsletters (discretion is given to each department to determine what is subject-matter appropriate) e.g.: Newcomers, Young Adults, or Government Affairs.
  • On social media, including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram.

2. Event Co-Hosting or Partnership 

  • Federation is the lead or a lead planner (including logistics, content, speakers) at the event or program outset; 
  • Federation has editorial privileges for event content, food and beverage selection, other potential Co-Hosts or Partners as well as Jewish Community co-sponsors;
  • Involves use of Federation logo, Federation staff time, and financial resources.
  • In the event that the Federation is Co-Hosting/Partnering with another organization on a program or event, there may be an opportunity for additional organizations or congregations to participate as community co-sponsors. These will be determined on an event-by-event basis.

3. Event Co-Sponsorship:

  • Federation may contribute resources (either financial or staff time) and/or Federation logo is used on marketing materials for this event;
  • Federation has few or no editorial privileges over the event content, food and beverage selection, or potential community co-sponsors.

4. Granting:

    • The Federation makes various grants, including, but not limited to:
      1. The Special Initiatives Fund:
        1. Ignition Grants
        2. Women’s Endowment Fund Grants
        3. Small Agency Sustainability Grants
    • Awards to Israeli and Jewish organizations around the world through organizations such as the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 
    • Emergency Capital Loans to Western Washington Jewish Organizations


The guidelines below create a base policy governing Federation Marketing, CoHosting/Partnership, Co-Sponsorship, and Granting. Please consult with the department lead of a specific program, grant, or event for further details or explanation as needed. 

The following types of programming are generally in accordance with our policy:

  1. Panel discussions, speaker series, cultural presentations, or educational programs portraying a range of diverse perspectives that are consistent with Federation’s mission;
  2. Participation in broad-based community coalitions on non-Israel issues, provided that the coalitions do not become vehicles for undermining the legitimacy of Israel;
  3. Artistic presentations (displays, exhibits, films, etc.) that may include critical perspectives of Jewish life or Israel but that are consistent with Federation’s core values;
  4. Presentations by organizations or individuals that support Israel’s right to exist as a secure, independent, Jewish, democratic state but may be critical of particular Israeli government policies;
  5. Dialogue groups (i.e. non-public discussions or exchanges);
  6. Private meetings. 


The Federation will not Market, Co-Host/Partner, Co-Sponsor, or Grant to events, programs, or organizations that:

  1. Promote tactics or ideas that are incompatible with the Federation’s goal to convene and build a cohesive Jewish community; 
  2. Endorse or promote antisemitism, other forms of bigotry, violence, terrorism, or other extremist views;
  3. Seek to proselytize Jews away from Judaism;
  4. Advocate for, endorse, or promote the illegitimacy of Israel as a secure, independent, democratic, and Jewish state, including, though not limited to, participation in the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS);
  5. Promote, advocate, or endorse a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is not based on direct negotiations between the two parties. 
  6. In the event that the Federation enters into an agreement and subsequently learns after such agreement is made that: 
    1. The content of the event; or
    2. Co-Sponsors of the event; or 
    3. Benefactors of the event; or
    4. Honorees or recipients of awards presented at the event fall outside the guidelines outlined herein, the Federation reserves the right to revoke the agreement.


These policies and guidelines are not intended to discourage presentation of a wide range of perspectives aimed at appealing to a broad cross-section of the community. The Jewish Federation reserves the right to reject any programming if deemed not to be in accord with our mission and values. Organizations or individuals seeking Federation marketing, co-hosting/partnership, co-sponsorship, or granting are strongly encouraged to consult with the Federation in advance to determine consistency with our policies and guidelines.

*Revised policy approved by Federation Board – March 2020