Overseas Impact

Making Investments Overseas

Since our founding in 1928, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has made significant investments overseas. Through our longstanding partnerships with The Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, and through direct funding, the Federation supports humanitarian assistance, immigrant aid, education, and Jewish identity programs—locally, in Israel, and overseas.

Israel and Overseas Grantees for Fiscal Year 2024

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Unrestricted Grant – The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian organization. JDC alleviates hardships and responds to global emergencies, rescues Jews in danger, connects people to Jewish life, and works with the Israeli government to develop effective solutions for social challenges.

Restricted Grant – Emergency Response to the Ukraine Crisis: Meeting critical needs of distressed communities affected by the ongoing devastation in Ukraine.

Restricted Grant – Sarvas Jewish Camp in Hungary: Helping youths strengthen their Jewish identity through the life-changing experience of Jewish camp.

Plane from Ethiopia Being Welcomed at Airport

Ethiopian National Project

Restricted Grant – SPACE (Scholastic Performance and Community Empowerment): The Ethiopian National Project (ENP) launched SPACE as a holistic program for Ethiopian-Israeli 7th-12th graders to address scholastic, emotional, social, and nutritional barriers to a child’s success. Since its launch in the 2004-2005 school year, SPACE has transformed thousands of lives, impact that has reverberated and advanced the Ethiopian-Israeli community as a whole. SPACE participants outperform non-participant peers and have succeeded to such a degree that the Government of Israel has asked ENP to include non-Ethiopian-Israelis, to enable them to make similar achievements.


Restricted Grant – Strengthening the Ethiopian Jewish Community in Ramat Eshkol: Jindas was established in 2012 to advance social mobility through urban renewal projects in Israel’s social and geographic periphery. The Strengthening the Ethiopian Jewish Community in Ramat Eshkol program applies multi-layered social programming to boost the social mobility of members of the Ethiopian-Israeli community in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood in Lod. It provides direct services, access to government support, and helps beneficiaries acquire professional and leadership skills and socio-economic security. It also provides leadership and activist training for young adults, strengthens the Mothers Group, and leads the Seniors Group.

Leket Israel

Restricted Grant – Feeding Israel’s Children at Risk: Providing hot meals for at-risk youth at last-chance high schools. Leket rescues food from hotels, corporate cafeterias, and IDF bases for redistribution to youth at participating schools, providing nutritious meals and saving food from being sent to landfill.

SELAH: Israel Crisis Management Center

Restricted Grant – SELAH: Israel Crisis Management Center: Facilitating the giving of practical and emotional support to bereaved immigrant at-risk youth. Selah’s professional caregivers help orphan children figure out finding balance between their new responsibilities as acting parents and their own personal acculturation to a new country.


Restricted Grant – Empowering the Ethiopian Community in Haifa Bay: Building a brighter future for Ethiopian-Israeli young adults.


Restricted Grant – Technology Training Program: Creating employment opportunities for Ethiopian-Israelis with comprehensive training, career preparation, and job placement in high-tech fields.

The Jewish Agency for Israel

Unrestricted Grant: The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) ensures that all Jews feel an unbreakable bond with one another and with Israel. JAFI’s services include helping Jews make Aliyah and build thriving lives in Israel, sponsoring Israel experiences for young adults, sending Israeli emissaries to communities like ours, and helping people in need in Israel and around the world.

Restricted Grant – Selah – Home Away from Home Residential Program: Founded in 1995, Selah is the Jewish Agency’s flagship residential program facilitating the absorption of young immigrants, ages 17-20, from the former Soviet Union, most of whom live in Israel without support from family or friends. Program activities help young adults thrive in Israel through learning of Hebrew and Israeli culture, and for preparing for university studies or service in the Israel Defense Forces.

Yemen Orde Youth Village

Restricted Grant – Transforming a High School for Youth at Risk: Helping at-risk and immigrant youth grow into confident, successful young adults through the power of education.

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Rabbi Samuel Klein | Director of Jewish Engagement | samuelk@jewishinseattle.org