Community Awards

The Federation is dedicated to creating a more vibrant, thriving community. Where there are strong leaders and advocates, Jewish life can flourish. We believe that it is important to honor the people who are helping to build a strong Jewish Puget Sound. That is why we recognize a select group of individuals every year with our Community Awards.

Pamela Waechter z”l Jewish Communal Professional Award

Honoring a professional at a Jewish organization who embodies the qualities of leadership and service that Pamela Waechter z”l brought to Jewish Puget Sound.

2023 Melissa Rivkin

2022 Dee Simon

2021 Min An & Zach Duitch

2020 Max Patashnik

2019 Adam Halpern & Lea Hanan

2018 Pamela Lavitt

2017 Andrew Chadick

2016 Karen Chachkes

2015 Lisa Kranseler & Lisa Schultz Golden

2014 Zach Carstensen & Dana Weiner

2013 Galit Ezekiel

2012 Marcie Wirth

2011 Ilana Cone Kennedy & Amee Sherer

2010 Rivy Poupko Kletenik

2009 Amy Wasser-Simpson

2008 Tziviah Goldberg

2007 Donald Armstrong

Dr. Charles & Lillian Kaplan Board Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service

Recognizing extraordinary commitment and impact to the Jewish community.

2023 Bill Mowat

2022 Jeff Slotnick

2021 Diane Sigel

2020 Sarah Boden

2019 Allix DeGraff

2018 Lisa Brashem

2017 Linda Clifton

2016 Marilyn Corets

2015 Shelley Bensussen

2014 David Ellenhorn and David Stiefel

2013 Dan Lowen

2012 Corey Salka

2011 Robin Boehler

2010 Andrew Cohen

2009 Iantha Sidell

2007 David Ellenhorn and Ron Leibsohn

2006 Rob Spitzer

2005 David Stiefel

2004 Carl Bianco

2003 Michele Rosen

2002 Sally Narodick

2001 Hal Jackson and Gail and Bob Stagman

2000 Samis Foundation

1999 Bader, Martin, Ross & Smith, PS

1998 Bobbi Bridge

1997 Eileen Gilman, Francine Loeb, and Irwin Treiger

1996 The Boeing Company

1995 Ernest Stiefel z”l

1994 Joshua Gortler

1993 Michele Rosen

1992 The Polack Family: Morris z”l, Edith z”l, and Jack z”l

1991 Herb Bridge z”l

1990 Henry Friedman

1989 Stanley V. Piha

1988 Rob Spitzer

1987 Haim Skubatch

1986 Lucy Pruzan

1985 Sid Weiner z”l and the United Way

1984 Eugene Arfin z”l

1983 Max Gurvich z”l

1982 Paula Rose z”l and Herbert Rosen z”l

1981 Irwin Treiger z”l

1980 Phyllis Stern

1979 Michael Schuffler, MD

Jack J. & Charlotte Spitzer Young Leadership Award

Honoring up-and-coming leaders who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to service in the Jewish community.

2023 Rachel Blum and Jason Okrent

2022 Julia Abelev and Jay Riffkin

2021 Will Wright and Elana Zana

2020 Jonny Basha, Marla Dunn, and Talya Gillman

2019 Cara Abrams-Simonton and Jonathan Feller

2018 Alyssa Bobman and Nathan Wasserman

2017 Jacquelyn Wiviott

2016 Aric Bomsztyk

2015 Eric Hasson

2014 Lindsay O’Neil and Brooke Pariser

2013 Rob Dolin

2012 Zane Brown, Jr. and Kim Fisher

2011 Dan Lowen and Elizabeth Siegel

2010 Jack Almo and Alexa Huggins

2009 Aric Bomsztyk and Aaron Kiviat

2008 Tammy Federman

2007 Shelley Bensussen and Suzi LeVine

2006 Albert Israel and Tana Senn

2005 Renee Herst and Noah Tratt

2004 Susan Eastern and Aaron Rose

2003 David Ellenhorn and Alise Tarica

2002 Steven Hemmat and Amy Schottenstein

2001 Hal Jackson and Patty Lazarus

2000 Joshua Adler, Alayne Sulkin, and Naomi Newman

1999 Beth Huppin and Louis Treiger

1998 James Polack and Karen Treiger

1997 Connie Kanter and Robert Low

1996 Stephen Loeb and Kathleen Spitzer

1995 Eli Almo and Suzanne Goren

1994 Robin Boehler and Judy Neuman

1993 Peter Goldman and Valerie Piha

1992 Jerry Bass and Lauren Jassny

1991 Carol Harris and David Stiefel

1990 Ed Bridge and Karen Gamoran

1989 Pamela Feinstein and David Rind

1988 Janet Gray and Stanley Rosen

1987 Stanley Piha and Michele Rosen

1986 Judy Lash Balint and John Hellman

1985 Merrily Laytner z”l, Michele Hasson, Peter Rettman, and Joel Starin z”l

1984 Ellen Hellman and Michael Schuffler, MD

1983 Ann Marie Putter z”l and Sinai L. Putter

1982 Peter Shapiro and Carol Starin

1981 Barry Ernstoff and Maria Erlitz

1980 Charles Caplan, MD, and Sheila Sternberg

1979 Albert Maimon and Gail Shapiro z”l

1978 Sandra Ostroff and David Sternoff z”l

1977 Craig Sternberg and Nancy Sternoff

1976 Tzipora Londinski and Ronald Weinstein z”l

1975 Susan Alhadeff and Laurence Finegold

1974 Sharon Finegold and Gerald Ostroff

Tikkun Olam Award for Public Service

Honoring leaders in the public and non-profit sectors for distinguished service to Jewish Puget Sound.

Bellevue Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuis

State Senator Reuven Carlyle & State Senator David Frockt

Rev. Paul Benz

David Bowling and Sarah Bustad

Chief Kathleen O’Toole & the Seattle Police Department

State Senator Bob Hasegawa & State Representative Luis Moscoso

Jewish Legislative Caucus

State Senator Ed Murray

State Senator Joe McDermott & State Representative Jamie Pedersen

L’Dor V’Dor Award

Honoring an outstanding Jewish legal professional for contributions to the Jewish and legal communities of Washington State.

2023 Judge John Erlick

2022 Judge Andrea Darvas

2021 Janet Gray

2019 Professor Eric Schnapper

2018 Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud

2017 Craig Sternberg

2016 Ralph Maimon

2015 Judge Ronald Kessler

2014 Rochelle Kleinberg Goffe

2013 Joel Benoliel

2012 Justice Bobbe Bridge & Judge Anthony Wartnik

2011 Judge Carol Schapira

2010 Robert Sulkin

2009 Murray B. Guterson z”l

Althea Stroum Woman of Distinction Award

Recognizing outstanding dedication and service to the Jewish community.

Nancy B. Greer

Naomi Newman

Robin Boehler

Iantha Sidell

Michele Rosen

Betty Lou Treiger

Faye Sarkowsky

Babs Fisher z”l

Lucy Pruzan

Eileen Gilman

Francine Loeb

Althea Stroum z”l

Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education

Honoring outstanding professionals in the field of Jewish education. (The final Grinspoon-Steinhardt award was given in 2015.)

2015* Sara Weiss

2014 Andi Neuwirth

2013 Rabbi Yehuda Rapoport

2012 Shoshana Stombaugh

2010 Sonya Basseri

2009 Gail Ben Meir

*Final year of Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award