Professionals Planning Page

The Federation offers a tool to help Jewish organizations better coordinate their events and minimize scheduling conflicts. The Professional Planning Calendar is a password-protected tool that is available for communal professionals and lay leaders to use in planning events.

To learn more about this tool and for answers to general questions about submitting events, please see the FAQ page below.


This FAQ is intended as a resource for community professionals posting an event on the Federation Community Calendar. As you will see below, we’ve added improved functionality to better serve our community and enable professionals to be more knowledgeable about everything going on in the community.

The Community Calendar is a list of all Jewish community events in the Puget Sound region submitted to us that comply with our Federation Marketing, Co-Hosting/Partnering, Co-Sponsorship, and Granting Guidance. We reserve the right to decline posting events that are not aligned with this purpose.

The Professional Planning Calendar was developed to help Jewish community organizations better coordinate their events. While the Community Calendar is visible to the public and contains numerous public events, the Professional Planning Calendar is password-protected. As such, it is available only to Jewish communal professionals and lay leaders and contains events that are both private and public. Organizations have faced the challenge of inadvertently scheduling a large public event at the same time as another organization’s major, but private, event because such events are not published on the Community Calendar. This calendar seeks to address these issues.

In order to submit your event to either calendar, you must complete this Google form. If you are submitting a private or invitation-only event for inclusion on the Professional Planning Calendar, select “Private Event” and include your organization and an event contact person. For public events, complete the remainder of the form with the information an interested community member looking at the event would need to know. If the event is public, it will be posted to both the Professional Planning Calendar and the Community Calendar.

You should submit any events that are open to the public, as well as private events that you think may impact the scheduling of and/or attendance at a community-wide event. These events might include major donor receptions, private guest speaker presentations, or invitation-only gatherings.

If you do not know all of the details for your event, please write TBD (to be decided) and follow up when you know the details. Please note: If you write TBD in any field, you are responsible for following up with us so we can update the calendar posting. We request you send further information at least four weeks before the event date.

If you expect 100 or more people at your event, you can place up to three holds on the Professional Planning Calendar. We offer this feature since we understand that when planning a large event there might be several dates you are considering. These holds will not appear on the public-facing Community Calendar until the date is finalized. In order to place a hold, please enter the number of people you expect at the event (must be greater than 100) and select up to three dates on which your event might be held. When the date for the event is finalized, email, and we will publish the event to the Community Calendar. Please note: Holds expire three months before the event date so you must follow up to let us know the chosen date; otherwise all holds will be removed from the Professional Planning Calendar.

Understanding that dates are limited, it is possible multiple events may be scheduled for the same date and time. If there is a hold or private event on the Professional Planning Calendar for a date you are considering, reach out to the contact person for that event to consult with them about their plans and to find out what, if any, conflict there would be in scheduling your event at the same time.

If there are any changes to your event—date, location, time, contact person, etc.—please email and we will update the event accordingly.

You are welcome to post recurring events on the Community Calendar. In an effort to better serve our community and maintain the Community Calendar, we will conduct a yearly audit of recurring events. The audit will occur every July and during its course we may reach out regarding any recurring events on the calendar. If events are no longer taking place, they will be deleted. If you cancel an ongoing event or notice something on the Community Calendar that is out of date, please let us know.

When submitting an event to the Community Calendar, you will be required to check a box stating that you acknowledge and have read and agree to the terms of the Marketing, Co-Hosting/Partnering, Co-Sponsorship, and Granting Guidance. If events do not comply with our marketing guidance, they will not be posted.

If you have a question, email us at or call us at 206.443.5400.