Women's Endowment Fund

The Women's Endowment Fund supports programs that empower and improve the lives of women and girls locally and in Israel. The grant operates on a two-year cycle.

Fiscal Years 2017-2018 Cycle:

Award notifications will be sent the week of March 27, 2017

Programs must serve a minimum of 15 participants each year. Organizations may only request funding for one program. To be eligible for funding, a program must have been active for at least one full fiscal year and is guaranteed to continue for the two-year duration of the grant. Capital funding proposals will not be accepted.

There is a maximum request limit of $5,000 per fiscal year, for a total of $10,000 for the two-year cycle.

Organizations that apply for a Women's Endowment Fund grant must meet one of the the following criteria:

1) Jewish organization in Western Washington that is a 501(c)(3) organization or presumed to be under IRS guidelines
2) Any Israeli non-profit agency (must have "American/Friends Of" partner or other fiscal sponsor)
3) Non-profit arts and culture organizations in King or south Snohomish counties with a "Jewish-themed" project.

Organizations are required to have been in operation for a minimum of two full fiscal years by January 2017 to be eligible.

For more information regarding Women's Endowment Fund grants, please contact:
Lenore Costello at lenorec@jewishinseattle.org or 206.774.2213

Below are the recipients of the Fiscal Years 2015 & 2016 Women's Endowment Fund:

Jerusalem Hills Centers- The Teen Girls’ Empowerment Program
The Teen Girls’ Empowerment Program serves about 16 girls annually, helping them overcome the hardships of neglect and dysfunctional families. Using psychological treatment, physical activities relating to body image, and life skills training, the program has had a 70 percent rehabilitation rate.

Jewish Family Service -Project DVORA
Project DVORA has helped victims of domestic violence throughout the Seattle area. Additionally, Project DVORA provides classes on healthy relationships, and does outreach events throughout the Seattle area.

Ma’ase Center - “My Sister,” Tel Aviv “Achva” group: Empowering and Increasing Higher Education and Career Development for Young Ethiopian Women
Ma’ase helps promote socio-economic mobility of marginalized populations in Israel. The program will help 15-20 young Ethiopian women who were rejected from national service by providing volunteer opportunities and career development.

NEGBA: Network of Houses of Hope in Israel for Children at Risk - Empowerment Seminars for Girls and Their Mothers from At-Risk Families in Israel
The organization runs seminars for mothers and daughters from at-risk families on topics such as personal safety, confidence and communication, and trust building. The program will to serve almost 290 girls and mothers in 2015.

New Family Organization- Women’s Legal Equality Project 
New Family Organization works to change the legal status for women in Israel. This program promotes the rights of women who cannot marry in Israel such as immigrants, Reform and Conservative Jews, and single mothers.

Together Beyond Words Organization- From Stage to Change: Improving Israeli Women and Girls' Wellbeing and Advancing Their Leadership Through Playback Theater and Group Work
 Since 2003, Together Beyond Words has used drama to help bridge the gap between Arab and Jewish Israeli women. This coming year, 24 women with help put on workshops to empower local communities to create change.

Turning the Tables - Yostrot Atid
Turning the Tables works to support women exiting the cycle of prostitution and sex trafficking. The program provides vocational training, work experience, and social integration.

Fiscal Year 2013 Women's Endowment Fund grant recipients