Give to a Fund

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Seattle offers numerous options to contribute to your fund.

Cash Gift

A gift of cash is the easiest way to contribute to your fund and can be deducted for tax purposes.

Publicly Traded Securities (Stock)

Gifts of appreciated securities are another wonderful way to contribute to your fund. A gift of stock allows you to bypass the capital gains tax. For stock transfer instructions, please reach out to us at our contact info below.

We recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

Gifts of Retirement Assets

You can leave your retirement assets to the Federation by completing a beneficiary designation form provided by your retirement plan custodian. If you designate the Federation as beneficiary, we will benefit from the full value of your gift because your IRA assets will not be taxed at your death. Your estate may benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift.

Real Estate

Gifts of real property, such as a personal residence, commercial property, farmland, or vacant land, interest in real property, and interests in entities that own real property can be made once reviewed by the Federation. The property will be sold and the proceeds will be contributed to your fund. Making a gift of real estate, prior to sale, may offer you several benefits, including maximizing your tax deduction, reducing or even eliminating capital gains tax, and reducing future tax liability by removing the asset from your estate.

Have questions? Contact:
The foundation staff, Emilia Picklesimer and Rachel Rosenman, at or 206.774.2218.

All inquiries are confidential.