Reset & Refresh

A Community-Building Experience for Young Couples

Take your favorite spa experience, then add live music, artisanal challah baking, and plenty of laughter and meaningful conversation. That’s Reset & Refresh! It’s an out-of-the-box (literally) learning experience for Jewish+Jewish, interfaith, mixed-heritage, and Jewish adjacent couples.

A multi-part learning experience, Reset & Refresh offers participating couples a welcoming, reflective space for self-discovery, rejuvenation, and connecting with each other to explore Jewish life together. Learn why we gather. Explore how new Jewish families build Jewish lives. Delve into the meaning of Shabbat. Enjoy artisanal challah baking. Reset & Refresh provides couples those and more exciting experiences to guide their own Jewish journeys. 

Program provided at no cost to participants. Donations encouraged.

Past Participant Reflections

“Reset & Refresh was exactly what [we] were looking for. We made new friends and expanded our Jewish community in Seattle. We were able to experience a curated Jewish experience that allowed us the space to be thoughtful about religion in our lives.”

“I really enjoyed getting to know other mixed Jewish couples through Jewish activities such as sharing a meal over Shabbat or making challah. It is also encouraging to hear other stories and Jewish experiences.”

“This program gave me a nice perspective into the Seattle Jewish community that I did not have. I expect this is just the beginning of our involvement and connection to this local community.”

“I did not realize how much I was needing and yearning for this community right now. The program provided so many things for me and for my partner together and was a source of inspiration, conversation, reflection, and ‘aha’ moments for both of us.”

“As someone who is new to Judaism, I’m eager to learn more about it, and I believe this learning will lead to more ways in which my partner and I can bring Judaism into our personal lives and our life together.”

“I appreciate that I’ve had a platform to ask questions and learn about the realities of Jewish life, identifying as Jewish, and being included in practicing Jewish traditions. I felt like the atmosphere was educational, informative, and inclusive.”


Who is eligible?

Any young couple with at least one Jewish partner is eligible for Reset & Refresh.

Who should participate in Reset & Refresh?

Reset & Refresh is geared toward young couples who are looking for ways to integrate Judaism into their busy lives. While the program is centered on the tradition of Shabbat, participants will also explore what it looks like to have meaningful conversations with their partners about how they want Judaism to show up in their lives.


To learn more, contact:

Rabbi Samuel Klein | Director of Jewish Engagement | | 206.774.2240